Compression of various metals has resulted in a super strong metal plating.

Recipe Edit

Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Atomic Furnace Zerchesium Bar


Protocite Bar


Penumbrite Shard




Advanced Alloy


Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Penumbrite Shard Ore Detector MKIII Hi-Tech Block
Sentinel Controller Masters Spear
Prismatic Bow Masters Knife
Masters Battleaxe Masters Shortspear
Uranium Axe Masters Mace
Masters Broadsword Masters Broadsword
Uranium Blade Masters Shortsword
Masters Knife Masters Battleaxe
Uranium Knife Guardian Visor
Masters Mace Guardian Greaves
Fishbone Basher Guardian Carapace
Quantum Hammer Evader Greaves
Uranium Hammer Evader Helmet
Masters Shortspear Evader Chestpiece
Masters Shortsword Survivor's Mask
Uranium War-Knife Survivor's Chestpiece
Masters Spear Survivor's Pants
Uranium Spear Sonic Cannon
Frost Lobber Rocket Boots
D4-B Miner
Charge Blaster
Sonic Cannon
Cellular Rifle
Slaughter Manipulator
Plutonium Staff
Plutonium Wand
Acid EPP
Poison EPP III
Kraken Cuirass
Kraken Helmet
Kraken Leggings
Guardian Carapace
Guardian Visor
Guardian Greaves
Hunter's Chestpiece
Hunter's Mask
Hunter's Pants
Ranger Plate
Ranger Helm
Ranger Greaves
Assassinii Armor
Assassinii Hood
Assassinii Pants
Decimator Armor
Decimator Mask
Decimator Skirt
Mask of Nekron
Mask of Nekron
Mask of Nekron
Kinetic Field III
Focusing Array
Extraction Lab MKII
Blast Furnace
Arc Smelter
Atmospheric Regulator
Fission Reactor
Ansible Network
Angelic Teleporter
Servitor mkIII
Wall Jump III
Rocket Boots
Hi-Tech Block

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