Synthetic compound enhanced through science!

Can be found via extraction (see list further below).

Recipe Edit

Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Chemistry Lab Oil


Plastic Polymer




Advanced Plastic


Crafted at Chemistry Lab Methanol


Plastic Polymer


Alien Juice


Advanced Plastic


Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Barrel of Oil Triton Sub Controller Cool Chemical Shelf Tech Panel
Silk Reaver Controller Water Ball Hexpane Panel
Silk Sentinel Controller Pioneer Shield
Gryphon Controller Wanderer Chestguard
Particle Blade Wanderer Pants
Acid Gun Wanderer Helm
Poison Gun Mad Science Goggles
Flare Gun Mad Science Goggles
Particle Rifle Mad Science Jacket
Particle Pistol Mad Science Pants
Slime Launcher Hydroponic Tubing
Thorn Rifle Bubblegun
Thorn Slinger Mark VI Gasmask
Erithian Energy Pack Diving Mask
Protocite Energy Pack Plasteel Fencing
Bee Wings Plasteel
Mad Science Jacket Plasteel Support Beam
Mad Science Pants Plasteel Wall
Dweller Chest Plasteel Wall
Dweller Cowl Plasteel Girder
Dweller Greaves Plasteel Wall
E.V.A Suit Plasteel Wall
E.V.A Helmet Wall Storage
E.V.A Pants
Nautilus Chestpiece
Nautilus Helmet
Nautilus Leggings
Intersec Breastplate
Intersec Helmet
Intersec Greaves
Primus Armor
Primus Helmet
Primus Skirt
Phase Chestpiece
Phase Helmet
Phase Greaves
Diving Mask
Acid Shield
Cold Shield I
Heat Shield I
Poison Shield
Immunity I
Regeneration I
Mobility I
Water Walk
Kinetic Field
Kinetic Field II
Cosmic Barrier
Electric Barrier
Fire Barrier
Ice Barrier
Physical Barrier
Poison Barrier
Radioactive Barrier
Shadow Barrier
Focusing Array
Avali Hull Plating
Data Storage
Dark Metal Support
Dark Metal Panels
Dark Metal Beam
Dark Metal Support
LED Display
Avali Glass
Hexagonal Plating
Horizontal Panels
Vertical Panels
Plain Panels
Avali Platform
Avali Stair Platform
Tech Panel
Tech Platform
Composite Tiles
Lab Pipe
Hydroponic Tubing
Throwing Dynamite
Cloning Lab
Blasting Dynamite
C4 Plastic Explosive
Cryogenic Pod
Lab Directory
Lab Bookcase
Lab Chair
Lab Monitor
Lab Cabinet
Laboratory Door
Lab Fence
Lab Table
LED Screen
Food Locker
Gene Storage Chest
Wall Storage
TC-1 Survival Tent
Lab Chest
Hi-tech Armchair
Hi-tech Bathtub
Hi-tech Bed
Hi-tech Bookcase
Hi-tech Counter
Hi-tech Cupboard
Hi-tech Cabinet
Force Door
Force Door
Hi-tech Fridge
Hi-tech Oven
Hi-tech 128-slot Safe
Hi-tech Couch
Hi-tech Stool
Hi-tech Table
Hi-tech Toaster
Hi-tech Toilet
Hi-tech Armchair
Plasteel Wall
Plasteel Wall
Plasteel Wall
Plasteel Wall
Plasteel Beam
Reinforced Glass Frame
Plasteel Girder
Plasteel Roofing
Plasteel Support Beam
Plasteel Wall
Plasteel Wall
Plasteel Fencing
Plasteel Fencing
Futuristic Teleporter