Aether Sea

Description Edit

Aether Sea planets are among the deadliest found in Frackin' Universe, with Hazard Levels ranging from VI-VIII. They most frequently orbit Black Stars. Aether Sea planets are characterized by an abundance of liquid Aether, with small islands interspersed throughout.

The aformentioned islands consist of black slime blocks (which are poisonous to the touch) and Aether Dust. The latter is very interesting: while it is affected by gravity like loose silt or gravel, it will only fall vertically. This means that falling Aether Dust produces pillars and mesas rather than mounds.

Exploration Edit

Acid Protection (either through Whitespine, an Acid Shield EPP, or various armor sets) is a requirement for exploring an Aether Sea planet, but the real environmental threat is the liquid Aether itself, which applies the Shadow Tainted debuff when touched. Shadow Tainted reduces visibility to near-zero, which makes responding to enemy threats or finding the valuable ores on the sea floor almost impossible. Pyreite Armor is the best early choice for exploring these planets, although Xithricite Armor also provides immunity to Shadow Tainted. In addition, players should also bring poison protection to protect them from the abundant black slime blocks.

Resources Edit

Minerals Edit

Aether Seas have most high-level ores, of which include:

Possible Weather Edit

Major Sulphuric Storms, Light Gravity Rain, Gravity Rain, Freeze Storms, Lightning Storms, Crystal Storms, Severe Crystal Storms.