Ansible network


The Ansible Network is a Powered Station that allows you to contact shops from great distances away and buy many nice things from home. It requires 4u of power to operate.

Unlocked by: Combustion Generator


Power Station (Ansible Network x1):Edit

  • 6x Advanced Alloy
  • 12x Gold Bar
  • 4x Advanced Processor

Using the Ansible Network:Edit

To set or swap  between the 3 shops, you need to switch between Wire and Paint modes.

To switch to Bohrum Mining Consortium: Go into Wire mode and use your interact button (default 'E') twice on the device.

To switch to Stardew Acres: Go into Paint mode and use your interact button (default 'E') twice on the device.

To switch to Panacea Medicines Inc.: This one is a bit weird. You need to switch to the opposite mode (Paint from Wire, or Wire from Paint), and then use your interact button (default 'E') only ONCE on the device.


Bohrum Mining Consortium - Ores, Samples and other crafting items:Edit

Panacea Medicines Inc. - Mutagenes, Stim Packs, Healing Items:Edit

Stardew Acres - Seeds:Edit

All vanilla seeds.


itemName: isn_radiostation

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