This page refers to the Bees! mod, a sub-component of Frackin' Universe.

Getting Started Edit

First of all, you will need a compatible or matching Queen and Drone(s). Bees can be found in the wild on certain types of planets. These can be caught using a Bug Net which can be crafted at a Foraging Table(or it's upgrade, the Agricultural Table). Additionally, you will need to create an Apiary Crafting Station to produce an Apiary to house your bees. The Apiary Crafting Station can be crafted in the Matter Assembler.

Now that you have your Apiary and your matching bee queen and drone, you can place them in the Apiary. If it's daytime(bees do not normally produce at night) and the Apiary is within 80 blocks of flowers, the bees will begin to produce drones and something else. What bees produce depends on what variant they are. Bee production can be increased by planting more flowers nearby, adding drones, and adding certain Frames to the Apiary, or its enhanced version, the Giant Apiary.

Once your Apiaries are active, they will periodically spawn queens and drones. While flying the bees use the common bug sprite, but colored to match their type. Catching the queens that spawn, or others in the wild, is the only way to obtain more queens.

Finally, the bees will have produced some Honeycomb. Honeycomb can be placed in a Honey Extractor to make Honey or a Wooden Centrifuge(or the enhanced version Iron Centrifuge) to produce items. An Industrial Centrifuge with an attached Honey Jarring Machine will produce both honey and items.

Additionally, some bees can be interbred to create new kinds of bees which in turn produce different materials. All bees interbreed only during the day, including the Nocturnal,Moon and Elder Bees which typically produce at night. Refer to the tables below for a comprehensive list on what species can interbreed and what they produce.

Note: No more than 1 bee queen can be placed in the apiary, and up to 1000 drones. Additional drones will be placed in the output area but not speed up production.

Bee Branches Edit

Wild Bees Edit

These bees can be caught in the wild.

Species Obtaining Production Centrifugue Honey
Honey Bee Lush(Garden) Honeycomb Beewax Honey
Flowery Grassland or Forest + Jungle Scented Honeycomb and Beeflower Yellow/Blue/Red Petals Floral Honey
Forest Forest Forest Honeycomb Golden Wood Honey
Jungle Jungle Jungle Honeycomb and Plant Fibre Golden Leaves Honey
Arid Arid/Desert Sandy Honeycomb Golden Sand Honey
Arctic Frozen/Cold Arctic Honeycomb Frozen Beewax Frozen Honey
Volcanic Volcanic Volcanic Honeycomb Lava Hot Honey
Aggressive Proto-World, Hunter + Red, Red Honeycomb and Raw steak Red Beewax Red Honey
Nocturnal Forest/Arid biomes Dark Honeycomb Beewax Dark Honey
Metal Metal hive, Aggressive + Morbid Tungsten Honeycomb + ore Tungsten ore Honey

Exceptional Branch Edit

Species Obtaining Production Centrifugue Honey
Hardy Normal + Forest Honeycomb Beewax Honey
Adaptive Arctic + Volcanic Honeycomb Beewax Honey
Exceptional Hardy + Adaptive​ Pure Honey and Honeycomb Beewax Honey

Morbid Branch Edit

These bees may sting.

Species Obtaining Production Centrifugue Honey
Hunter Jungle + Adaptive Silk Honeycomb Bee Silk
Aggressive Hunter + Red, Proto-world biome Red Honeycomb and Raw steak Red Beewax Red Honey
Morbid Aggressive + Nocturnal Morbid Honeycomb and Ghostly Beewax Ghostly Beewax Red Honey

Solarium Branch Edit

Species Obtaining Production Centrifugue Honey
Radioactive Miner Queen+Drone with Uranium/Plutonium Frame Radioactive Honeycomb Uranium Radioactive Honey
Plutonium Radioactive + Hardy Plutonium Honeycomb Plutonium Plutonium Honey
Solarium Plutonium + Exceptional​ Solarium Honeycomb Solarium Solarium Honey

Flower Branch Edit

Species Obtaining Production Centrifugue Honey
Flowery Grassland or Forest + Jungle Scented Honeycomb and Beeflower Yellow/Blue/Red Petals Floral Honey
Red Bee Flower + Hardy Red Honeycomb and Red Beewax Red Beewax Red Honey
Mythical Flower + Exceptional Mythical Honeycomb Healing Water Mythical Honey

Godly Branch Edit

Species Obtaining Production Centrifugue Honey
Moon Miner + Nocturnal Moon Honeycomb Hematite Honey
Sun Moon + Solarium Solar Honeycomb/

Volatile powder

Magma Sun + Volcanic Scorched core/

Fiery honeycomb

Scorched core/

Lava/Core fragment

Hot honey
Godly Sun + Mythical​ Godly Honeycomb Matter Block Mythical Honey
Elder Godly + Magma Elder Rotcomb Elder Stone,Elder Fluid Unknown Substance

Metal Branch Edit

Miner bees will produce different things depending on which frame in the Apiary. List below.

Species Obtaining Production Centrifugue Honey
Miner Arid + Adaptive, Bog biome Deep Earth Honeycomb+Extra* Coal/Minerals Honey


Copper Frame - Copper Comb
Silver Frame - Silver Comb
Gold Frame - Gold Comb
Diamond Frame - Precious Comb (Diamond)
Iron Frame - Iron Comb
Titanium Frame - Titanium Comb

Tungsten Frame -- Tungsten Comb

Durasteel Frame -- Durasteel Comb

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