These quests primarily focus on the BioChem Lab

Basic Quests Edit

The Biochem Lab
text "Before you can really get started on science you are going to need a lot of resources. For that, you need a Bio-Chem Lab. It lets you make the chemicals and formulas you'll need. Build one now."
completion "This lab can create amazing chemical products. You're going to love it. If you don't blow yourself up, anyhow."
Water, Oil and Sulphur
text "Speaking of resources, you'd better gather some right now. Let's say, 20 sulphur, 20 units of oil and 20 units of water."
completion "Great. This can be consumed pretty fast so remember where you got them."
Bricks of life
text "We're going to craft a basic component for a start. To make Amino acids, you'll need 4 units of nutrient paste and tissue culture. The fine mechanisms of the Chemical Lab will do the rest."
completion "You'll absolutely want to craft some of these in order to create some new flora."
text "You can't accomplish much without Fertilizer. Always have some on hand. You'll need Ammonium sulphate, Sulphur and Methanol to make it."
completion "Good. Now let's make a more complex product."
Pest control
text "Pesticide is a complex and toxic composite that drastically alters the way biological structures build themselves. Also good against those damned bugs."
completion "Nothing like a bit of stress to build the genes right."
Peptide chain
text "Peptide chains are an essential brick of life. Without them you won't be able to custom-craft a viable cell."
completion "We're almost done. Just one more step to self-sufficiency.."
Synthesized protein
text "The synthesized protein is another essential chemical component. You're now a good chemist, you should have no problem making some it."
completion "Good job. Really. You're ready to craft genes now."
Meet the Specialist
text "Now, in order to learn about genetics, you'll need to meet our glitch specialist. Go talk to that kooky metal weirdo to continue your education."
completion "Sincere. Welcome. I was told to give you this, and teach you about use of the Xeno Station."

Advanced Quests Edit

Genetic Tinkering
text "I'm in need of some DNA Samples. My own Bio-Chem lab appears to be broken. Perhaps you could help me out? I'd make it worth your while."
completion "We can now progress to the next sample type, when you have the time to tackle it."
DNA Sample
text "DNA Samples are an integral part to creating plant life in your lab. To make some, check your Bio Chem Lab and convert them there."
completion "Many other materials can be created in this fashion. Let's move on to mineral samples."
Mineral Sample
text "Mineral Samples are not too different from DNA Samples. Use your Bio-Chem lab; and create some."
completion "One more essential resource is up next."
Bio Chips
text "Bio Chips contain a plethora of amazingly useful genetically viable cells, ready to go in a Matter Assembler or Design Lab. You'll need a Bio-Chip Base from your Matter Assembler first."
completion "Now you're ready for the fancy stuff."
Liquid Protocite
text "Protocite is found in very few places in the universe: a potent mineral that is both energy source and protection. A Fission Furnace can make bars of it, and you can liquify it for other uses. Tamper in your Bio-Chem lab to work it out."
completion "Now you can make liquid protocite. Handy, that. You'll find this material invaluable for many reasons. You'll need to discover them on your own."
Mutavisk Thread
text "Mutavisk is a strange textile created from the silk of the mutavisk plant. Create some thread from it's silk in the Bio-Chem Lab."
completion "Mutavisk has an extremely unusual ability: It can resist almost all environmental stresses, including the vaccuum of space!"
Blister Extract
text "Blister Extract is a requirement if you plan to create Blister Bush based armors and weapons. Try looking on different sorts of moons for the moonstone you'll require."
completion "Blister Bushes are strangely mutable, allowing them to be altered into clothing and weapons. Oh, and they glow."
Alien Compound
text "Alien Compound is a relatively rare resource because it relies on Elder Stone. Take some of that, along with a prisilite star. Don't drink this stuff! Ever!"
completion "This alien compound has a number of interesting applications in chemistry and biology. Play with it, but use caution. You don't want to explode, do you?"
Clone yourself
text "Can you come to our outpost? There is someone you'll want to meet. He's doing a very experimental research on the new lab station we created.!"
completion "Welcome! I'm glad I'm getting some help. This is a very complex domain and I'll give you the basics."

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