Numerous biomes are added through Frackin Universe, Both major and subbiomes exist, the discovered ones so far are listed below:

Biomes: Edit

Planet Common Stars Common Threat Level
Aether Sea
Atropus / Dark Atropus Black Star
Bloodstone / Bloodstone Sea
Chromatic Blue Star
Coral Caverns
Crystalline III
Eden Gentle Star/Binary I
Fungal III
Frozen Volcanic
Gas Ball Binary
Ice Waste
Infernus / Dark Infernus Fiery Star XII
Irradiated IV
Lightless sphere
Nitrogen Sea / Liquid Nitrogen Sea
Penumbra V
Primeval Forest / Dark Primeval Forest
Proto World / Dark Proto World
Rainforest III
Rocky Tidewater
Scorched Desert
Strange Sea I - IIX
Sulphuric / Sulphuric Ocean IIX
Tabula Rasa
Tar Ball
Unknown Planet

Moons: Edit

Subbiomes: Edit

Underground Subbiomes: Edit

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