A superior form of furnace for smelting in mass quantities.

Requires 4u of power to operate. It processes inputs at a tick rate of 2 per second with a 25% chance to process two sets of inputs in a tick. Compared to its upgrade, the Arc Smelter, it does not give bonus outputs as often and is unable to process Deuterium (2H) or Metallic Hydrogen.

It has an efficiency around 60% (Fission Furnace has an efficiency of 50%) and provides extra materials.

It should be noted that this is not a straight upgrade to the Fission Furnace or the vanilla furnace. While it is superior at smelting single ores, it cannot create more advanced recipes, such as Nocxium Bars or Silicon Boards.

 Outputs Edit

Input Output Bonus
Core Fragment x2 Lava
Carbon x2 Coal Diamond, Liquid Iron
Coal x2 Carbon Sulphur, Diamond
Berlinite x2 Phosphorus Ammonium Sulfate, Carbon
Mascagnite x2 Ammonium Sulfate Carbon
Magnesite x2 Magnesium Powder Oxygen
Corrupted Bio-mass x2 Corruption Seed Dark Water, Unstable Particles
Cinnabar x2 Mercury Nitrogen, Carbon
Copper Ore x2 Copper Bar Iron Ore, Silicon
Iron Ore x2 Iron Bar Lead, Carbon
Gold Ore x2 Gold Bar Mineral Sample, Silicon
Tungsten Ore x2 Tungsten Bar Carbon, Hydrogen
Titanium Ore x2 Titanium Bar Mineral Sample, Silicon
Trianglium Ore x2 Trianglium Pyramid Silicon, Mercury
Prism Shard x2 Prisilite Star Oxygen, Grav-Liquid
Aegisalt Ore x2 Refined Aegisalt Static Cell, Helium
Ferozium Ore x2 Refined Ferozium Hydrogen, Iodine
Violium Ore x2 Refined Violium Carbon, Mineral Sample
Durasteel Ore x2 Durasteel Bar Carbon, Nitrogen
Telebrium Crystal x2 Telebrium Bar Helium, Carbon
Lunari Shard x2 Lunari Crystal Carbon, Liquid Nitrogen
Protocite x2 Protocite Bar Liquid Protocite, Carbon
Penumbrite Ore x2 Penumbrite Shard Dark Water, Phase Matter
Thorium x2 Thorium Rod Unstable Particles
Neptunium x2 Neptunium Rod Neptunium, Plutonium Ore, Unstable Particles
Irradium Ore x2 Irradium Bar Liquid Irradium, Carbon
Uranium Ore x2 Uranium Rod Unstable Particles,Lead, Uranium Ore
Solarium Ore x2 Solarium Star Ultronium Rod
Quietus Ore x2 Quietus Bar Silicon, Shadow Gas
Densinium Ore x2 Densinium Bar Carbon, Liquid Iron
Pyreite Ore x2 Pyreite Bar Scorched Core, Volatile Powder
Isogen Ore x2 Isogen Bar Cryonic Extract, Ice Crystal
Xithricite Ore x2 Xithricite Static Cell, Lunari Crystal
Effigium Ore x2 Effigium Bar Iodine, Deuterium
Sand x2 Glass Carbon
Mud x2 Unrefined Mudstone Unrefined Mudstone
Clay x2 Fired Clay Fired Clay
Fired Clay x2 Bricks Bricks
Alien Rock x2 Silicon Nitrogen, Liquid Protocite, Liquid Nitrogen
Proto Stone x2 Silicon Nitrogen, Alien Compound, Bio-Ooze
Metal Bars x2 Carbon Iron Ore
Blaststone x2 Silicon Iron Ore, Sulphur, Lava
Packed Bones x2 Genetic Material Bone, DNA Sample
Cobblestone x2 Silicon Sulphur, Lead, Iron Ore
Crystal Block x2 Silicon
Dire Stone x2 Silicon Coal, Sulphur
Dry Sand x2 Glass Carbon
Heavy Iron Bars x2 Carbon Iron Bar
Junk Tech x2 Iron Ore Iron Ore, Silicon
Magmarock x2 Silicon Carbon Plate, Sulphur, Lava
Meteorite Rock x2 Silicon Helium-3, Telebrium Crystal
Moonrock x2 Silicon Helium-3
Moonstone x2 Silicon Telebrium Crystal
Obsidian x2 Black Glass
Rusty Block x2 Iron Ore Carbon
Rusty Metal x2 Iron Ore Carbon
Loose Silt x2 Glass Carbon
Metal Coated Wood x2 Iron Ore
Morphite x2 Alien Compound Bio-Ooze, Nitrogen
Advanced Plastic x2 Silk Carbon, Resin
Graphene x2 Carbon Carbon, Water

Recipe: Edit

Craft at Power StationEdit

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Source Edit

Source Material: Click Here

Use the source material for updating.

Data Edit

itemname: fu_blastfurnace

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