This Biome is currently removed from planet circulation. It however still exists in game and functions correctly for those who already have them in their universe.

Summary Edit


Ugly trees, questionable puddles of blood and occasionally deadly weather all combine to made this a weird place to visit. Some were once home to life forms much like us... until their experiments wiped them out, leaving behind only gory grossness. Which explained the trees that stared at you. Good times.

Codex description Edit

When wandering a bloodstone world, you'll be reminded of blood an awful lot. Because, y'know...blood pools everywhere. And really messed up looking trees. They are a great way to stock up on several sorts of materials through extraction, though.

Notable FeaturesEdit

You could have found on these worlds Blood, Bloodstone and Genetic Material.


You could have encountered these subbiomes on Bloodstone worlds: Hive, Alien Forest, Sulphuric Magma, Cellular Expanse, Red Waste, Rainbow Wood, Blood Gulch, Hell Hive, Eldritch Field, Eldritch Forest, Dry Riverbed, Deadwood, Magma, Savannah, Volcanic

Removal Edit

Bloodstone is no longer in planet circulation. This is due to it being too similar to Atropus worlds. Bloodstone mini-biomes can still be found however.

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