The CT-4 Mining Cannon is the most powerful mining laser in the game, able to reduce anything short of moon cores to blocks in a second or two. Unlike other mining lasers in the upgrade progression, the CT-4 Mining Cannon does mine background blocks in a narrow beam, but only if it's able to "connect" with a foreground block in the same area. This makes it slightly less suitable for unprotected mining below sea level on Sulphuric Ocean, Aether Sea, and Nitrogen Sea planets where removing even one background block could cause liquid to flood the mine shaft, potentially killing the player.


Crafted at a Nanofabricator Material Quantity Learned From Teaches
Ultronium (Ux3) 5 KX-1 Mining Beam
Nuclear Core 1
Manipulator Module 3
Densinium 5
KX-1 Mining Beam 1
CT-4 Mining Cannon

Trivia Edit

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