Carbon plating can be used for armor or other goods.

Recipe Edit

Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Primitive Furnace Carbon (C)




Carbon Plate


Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Carbon (C) Ore Detector MKII Corsair Leggings
Translocator Corsair Breastplate
Carbon Hunting Bow Corsair Helm
Carbon Hatchet Carbon Hammerpick
Irradium Axe Carbon Knife
Irradium Blade Carbon Hatchet
Carbon Knife Carbon Pickaxe
Irradium Dagger Carbon Spear
Carbon Hammerpick Carbon Hunting Bow
Irradium Hammer Carbon Shortsword
Carbon Shortsword Napalm Launcher
Irradium War Knife Inferno Chest
Carbon Spear Inferno Helm
Irradium Spear Inferno Pants
Tauntra Orbs
Mine Launcher
Irradium Pistol
Plasma Beam Cannon
Plasma Pistol
Longarm Shotgun
Longarm Pistol
Napalm Launcher
Irradium Staff
Irradium Wand
Corsair Breastplate
Corsair Helm
Corsair Leggings
Evader Chestpiece
Evader Helmet
Evader Greaves
Intrepid Plating
Intrepid Hood
Intrepid Robes
Junker Chestpiece
Junker Helm
Junker Greaves
Gendarme Chestplate
Gendarme Helmet
Gendarme Greaves
Steampunk Coat
Steampunk Mask
Steampunk Coat
Inferno Chest
Inferno Helm
Inferno Pants
Star-Killer Plate
Star-Killer Mask
Star-Killer Robes
Immunity I
Blood Diamond Pickaxe
Carbon Pickaxe
Extraction Lab MKII
Huge Lab Door
Huge Lab Hatch
Huge Lab Platform Hatch
Ship Hatch
Capture Bot
Sentry Bot
Servitor mkI
Shield Bot
Water Bot
Armor Sphere
Bounce Sphere
Tek Composite
Tek Panel
Tesla's Staff
Tech Console
Tech Console

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