There are various ores added to the universe by Frackin Universe, each one having several interesting and unique purposes once refined, such as forming the base for ultra-strong alloys for weapons and armor manufacturing, others being useful as exotic energy sources to power starships and various advanced technologies, or even serve as catalysts to fuel strange chemical reactions and genetic manipulations.

Image Name Description Location Crafting
Aegisalt Aegisalt ore. Can be used for smelting. Aegisalt Ore can be crafted at a Bee refuge.

1 Hardy Queen gives you 2 Aegisalt Ore

Berliniteore Berlinite An ore that can be used to produce phosphorus via extraction. Most planets
Cinnabarore Cinnabar A stone that can be used to produce mercury via extraction. Crystal Planets Cinnabar can be crafted at a Bee Refuge.

1 Volcanic Queen gives you 6 Cinnabar

Coal It's coal. A decent source of fuel. Most Planets
Copper Copper ore. Can be used for smelting. Asteroids
Corruptionore Corrupted biomass Some strange, corrupted mineral. It is found randomly on Atropus biomes as well as Penumbra, Lightless Spheres, and Aether Sea biomes.
Densiniumore Densinium A multi-phasic super-dense metal. It can be found on metal planets/moons, high density planets and also Atropus worlds, but only in some sub-biomes.
Diamond It's a beautifully cut diamond.
Durasteel Durasteel ore. Can be used for smelting.
Effigium An almost invisible crystalline metal. Can be found at Novakid illegal mining facilities.
Ferozium Ferozium ore. Can be used for smelting. Can be crafted at a Bee Refuge

1 Exceptional Queen gives you 2 Ferozium ore

Gold Gold ore. Can be used for smelting. Asteroids
Iron Iron ore. Can be used for smelting. Asteroids
Irradiumore Irradium Rare and valuable radioactive metal. Handle with care! Irradiated planets Can be Crafted at an Iron Centrifuge

Liquid Irradium


Irradium Ore


Isogen An unusual metal that cools its enviroment. Ice Waste(It glows blue in the dark)
Lazuliteore Lazulite Can produce magnesium and phosphorus via extraction Most planets
Lead A block of lead. Most planets
Magnesiumore Magnesite Great for creating magnesium powder! Most planets
Mascagniteore Mascagnite A source of ammonium sulfate via extraction. Most planets
Neptunium Its neptunium, a great source of fuel. Moons
Penumbriteore Penumbrite Some super-hard penumbrite, waiting to be smelted. Penumbra Planets
Plutonium It's pretty, but extremely radioactive. Moons Can be crafted at a Bee Refuge.

1 Plutonium Queen gives 1 Plutonium ore

Protociteore Protocite A unique element found only on protoworlds. Proto planetsProtocite is typically located on Proto Worlds, but can be found on other planets as "fruit" from some trees.
Pyreite An ore that burns eternally. Infernus/Sulphuric
Quietusore Quietus A strange ore that is both mineral and biological. Usually found in Black Star systems. Crafted at Bio-Chem Lab.

50 Blood Crystals gives 1 Quietus ore

Solarium It's solarium. It's warm to the touch. Crafted at Bee Refuge.

1 Solarium Queen gives 1 Solarium ore

Sulphurore Sulphur Sulphur, a surprisingly useful compound. Sulphuric planets Can be extracted from Sulphuric dirt and Sulphuric stone
Thorium(Th) It's thorium. A reliable, potent source of fuel. Irradiated planet

(Colder Planets?)

Titanium It's titanium. Can be used for smelting. Can be extracted from Titanium Honeycomb
Trianglium Trianglium ore. Beautiful smooth shiny triangles. Irradiated planet

Lightless spheres

Can be found on a number of planets in the mid tier range and it's relatively common once you hit that point.

Tungsten It's tungsten. Can be used for smelting. Asteroids Can be extracted from many things. See the individual page.
Uranium It's uranium. A good source of fuel. Found in any biome on high tier planets; similar to finding thorium and neptunium Crafted at Bee Refuge.

1 Radioactive Queen gives 1 Uranium ore

Violium Violium ore. Can be used for smelting.
Xithricite A super-dense crystalline metal. Aether Sea planets

(glows green but turns blue when light hits it)

Zerchesiumore Zerchesium Can be refined into a nearly unmeltable alloy. Mountainous planets

(binary stars commonly have these?)

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