Summary Edit


A chromatic world at night.

Chromatic worlds are the opposite end of the spectrum of Lightless spheres or Penumbra worlds: The ground is always so well lit that the word "night" is essentially meaningless here. Because of this, finding ores on these worlds is a very easy task.

Radiation is present in these worlds on the same extreme level as Irradiated planets. Chromatic Planets are mostly found orbiting blue stars.

 Codex description Edit

This unusual planet is Chromatic, with a radioactive atmosphere. Our scanners detect rare mineral deposits.

Notable FeaturesEdit

You can find a vast plethora of ores here, including Neptunium, Thorium, Zerchesium, Prism Shards, as well as Gold, Iron, Titanium, Durasteel, Solarium, and Plutonium. In addition, one can find Crystals in the form of ores here as well. The chromatic dirt can be extracted for carbon, the chromatic rainbow sands can be extracted for silicon. As previously mentioned, the dirt is constantly glowing and is always completely visible, so locating these ores is extremely easy even at night.

Chromatic Dirt can also be used as a replacement for lights to power Solar Panels, even if placed in the background. This makes Chromatic Worlds an ideal place to set up a laboratory for powered equipment.

These planets are inhabited by Lumoths and Voltips.

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