Summary Edit

Cloud forests are surface-bound versions of the high-flying Cloud biome. Composed primarily of cloud and dark cloud blocks, touching most surfaces in this biome grants the "light" buff, allowing for easy travel over its many valleys. Additionally, pools of dark water, a source of the "corruption" debuff, can be found here.

Appearance Edit

Cloud forests are composed of cloud blocks, giving the area a fluffy appearance. The terrain is generally uneven and rough. Peculiar trees with clouds for leaves grow here; they are naturally very tall, making them a valuable source of wood.

Cloud Forest

A typical cloud forest, with dark water in the cave below

Notable Features Edit

Cloud blocks, which grant the "light" buff, can be collected and used elsewhere to get the buff when a boost is needed. Additionally, ores are often found not only in the blocks of this biome, but embedded in the background.

Dangers Edit

Overall, a cloud forest is no more dangerous than the planet it is found on. However, pools of dangerous dark water are common here, and it is easy to make a light-buffed jump into a previously unseen pool. Look before you leap!