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The Combustion Generator is a mid-tier level generator that burns fuel to generate up to 12u of power.

Unlocked by: Alternator Generator

Acceptable Fuels (and fueling duration per item):

Mechanics Edit

The Combustion Generator requires time to ramp up to full power when first fueled, but also takes time to ramp down to no power when it runs out of fuel. Specifically, for each second that the generator is fueled, the power, a variable that is always between 0% and 100%, increases by 5%, and for each second that the generator is without fuel, the power decreases by 5%. The output of the Combustion Generator is related to the power as follows:

  • Power > 90%: 12u
  • Power > 70%: 9u
  • Power > 50%: 7u
  • Power > 30%: 5u
  • Power > 10%: 3u
  • Else: 0

Recipe Edit

Combustion Generator (Power Station) Edit