In FrackinUniverse, there are new kinds of crew that you can hire.

Crew Image Crew Name Inactive Crew Benefits (Ship) Active Crew (Exploration)
Crewassassin Assassin Regeneration I Combat Assist (Uses Thorn Rifle and Thornitox Sword)
Poison Immunity 300s
Bio Ooze Immunity 300s
Crewarcticexplorer Arctic Explorer Regeneration I Combat Assist (Uses Carbon Hammerpick and Glacial Pistol)
Biome Cold Immunity 300s
Crewdemoitionist Demolitionist None Combat Assist (Uses Carbon Blade and Rocket Launcher)
Crewbeasthunter Beast Hunter Defense IV Combat Assist (Uses Longarm Shotgun and Hunting Spear)

Fire Immunity 280s

Jungle Slow Immunity 280s

Proto-Poison Immunity 280s

Mud Slow Immunity 280s

Crewradiologist Radiologist Regeneration I Combat Assist (Uses Irradium Dagger and Poison Ejector)

Biome Radiation Immunity 300s

Crewscientist2 Scientist None Combat Assist (Uses Tek Blade and Laser Pistol)
Crewgeologist Geologist Ore Market

Equipped with Pickaxe and Mining Laser

Crewscientist Scientist (Gas) Regeneration I Combat Assist (Uses Molotov and Wrench)

Helium 3 Immunity 300s

Shadow Gas Immunity 300s

Crewscientist Scientist (Drug) Regeneration I Combat Assist (Uses The Sauce and Precursor Pistol)

Run Boost X 30s

Jump Boost XV 30s

Crewvolcanology Volcanologist Regeneration I Combat Assist (Uses Molotov and Arm Cannon (Missile)

Biome Heat Immunity 300s

Crewwarrior Warrior None Combat Assist (Uses Junk Hammer and Bane Spear OR Solarium Hammer and Coral Spear)
Greg None Combat Assist (Uses The Nega-Blade OR Eye Sword)
Diver Regeneration I Swim Boost

Combat Assist (Uses Harpoon Gun and Coral Spear)

CrewShadowBeing Shadow Being Regeneration I Shadow Gas Immunity 300s

Combat Assist (Uses Enigma Bow and Phantasm Hammer

Cultist Regeneration I Insanity Immunity 300s

Poison Resistance 300s

Combat Assist (uses a Bane Spear and Ocu Cannon)

Cyborg Regeneration I Aether Immunity 300s

Combat Assist (Uses Wave Gun and Masters Shortspear)

Occult Scholar Defense VI Insanity Immunity 300s

Combat Assist (...)

Party Party Party None After exiting ship

ULTRA Party time(time still being recorded)

Intoxicated 100s