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CyberSpheres are rife with danger. They rain liquid metal and the surface is often set ablaze by fire rain and the surface is often home to bandits in apparent melted metal ships and scientific buildings, as well as numerous deadly robotic denizens which reside within and on the planet. They often appear as moons, though they may also be planets by themselves.

As of FrackinUniverse 5.0, these worlds are also the best place to find the new bandit ship dungeon, which has some very handy cargo crates and nice-looking ship furniture. They have a bit of lab equipment, too.

CyberSpheres have no breathable atmosphere, and frequently rain fire and liquid metal. Therefore a Respiratory Implant, as well as potentially heat/fire protection are necessary. Strong gear is recommended to deal with the threats here. This planet is definitely not recommended for lower tiered characters.

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A metallic world built by an ancient race. Abundant rare metals detected. Scans also show mechanical beings.

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CyberSpheres can be found orbiting Black Stars.

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Iron Storms, Anti-Gravity Rain, Light Anti-Gravity Rain, Orange Anti-Gravity Rain, Lightning Storms, Severe Crystal Storms, Fire Storms, Luminous Rain.