The Dark Matter Armor is a tier 4 armor that is found in chests or crafted at an Armory. The recipe for this armor is unlocked by Matter Block.

Appearance Edit

General Edit

The armor takes on an ultra-modern, space suit look with black being the dominant color and purple being the secondary color.

Helmet Edit

The Dark Matter Helmet is black in color, and it is the only piece of armor that has a mechanical component in its appearance. It has a purple visor and two red lights on its jaw.

Chestpiece Edit

The Dark Matter Chestpiece is a black shirt or a jumpsuit combined with the greaves. On top of the shirt/jumpsuit, there is a purple vest that mimics the muscular structure of a human torso. The purple vest also has quite large pauldrons. The chestpiece also comes with two purple gauntlets that are for aesthetic purposes.

Greaves Edit

The Dark Matter Greaves consist of black pants or the aforementioned jumpsuit and purple boots.

Recipe Edit


Dark Matter Helmet x1

Dark Matter Chestpiece x1

'Dark Matter' Greaves x1

Matter Block




Nocxium Bar 2 4 3
Electromagnet -- -- 2
Advanced Circuit 1 -- --
Wretchel Fruit 2 2 2
Static Cell 6 12 8


itemName: fubonusarmorhead fubonusarmorchest fubonusarmorpants

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