Aegisalt, violium and ferozium have formed this into a dense alloy.

Recipe Edit

Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Fission Furnace Refined Aegisalt


Refined Ferozium


Refined Violium




Dense Alloy


Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Refined Aegisalt Hellfire Shield Pyre Vulcan
Refined Ferozium Tritanium Shield Hellfire Ejector
Refined Violium Isogen Axe Ultra-Mesh Breastplate
Pyreite Axe Ultra-Mesh Greaves
Isogen Ruinblade Ultra-Mesh Helm
Pyreite Broadsword Coldsnap
Isogen Knife Diamond Blade
Pyreite Dirk Aetherium Alloy
Isogen Sledge Sunwalker Helm
Pyreite Hammer Sunwalker Chest
Diamond Blade Sunwalker Robes
Isogen Shortsword
Pyreite Shortsword
Isogen Spear
Pyreite Lance
Hellfire Ejector
KX-1 Mining Beam
Beam Gun
Plasma Eruptor
Plasma Rifle
Particle Cannon
Nitrogen Cannon
Nitrogen Pistol
Isogen Staff
Pyreite Staff
Isogen Wand
Pyreite Wand
Cooling EPP II
Quantum Energy Pack
Champion's Carapace
Champion's Maw
Champion's Tights
Isogen Chestplate
Isogen Helm
Isogen Greaves
Pyreite Chestplate
Pyreite Helm
Pyreite Greaves
Sunwalker Chest
Sunwalker Helm
Sunwalker Robes
Ultra-Mesh Breastplate
Ultra-Mesh Helm
Ultra-Mesh Greaves
Kinetic Field IV
Nocxium Bar
Advanced Xenolab
Solar Tower
Regeneration Matrix
Atmospheric Regulator
Quantum Extractor
Quint Jump

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