A multi-phasic super-dense metal.

Description Edit


Densinium is a rare high tier ore used in a multitude of advanced Armors, Mining Tools, and more.

Location Edit

Deep beneath planets' surfaces, it is very rare and usually only found in veins of one or two. It is believed that Densinium is more common on the more difficult planets. (Not confirmed).

It can be found on metal planets/moons, high density planets and also Atropus worlds, but only in some sub-biomes. The ore also spawns on the surface of (bloodstone planets). Densinium emits a faint purple glow which makes it easy to find its approximate location, however it's hard to identify the exact block if it's contained inside a dark colored block as the sprite is small and nearly back, specially if it's on the background.

An ore detector is recommended as this ore is very scarce and can be missed sometimes.

Usage Edit

Can be forged into a Densinium Bar in the Fission Furnace, Blast Furnace and Arc Smelter.

Recipes Edit

Upon picking up the Densinium ore, you learn to make a Densinium Bar in the Fission Furnace.