Key Pages:

The following pages need updated constantly:

Current Work:

The most important task right now is bringing the pages relating to core game play into as much detail as possible.

The largest task right now is to review, correct, and update the autogenerated pages. Theres a typo to be fixed on each page (extracter should be extractOr) and the actual info is most likely outdated.

Various pages that should be created/revised soon, as they are important:

  • Crafting Stations. All of them! Should be constantly updated and have lists of their recipes, They should have very extensive pages.
  • Ores page needs to be a page presenting each ore, which should have its own page
  • Make a page for Vinalisj. Technically, he is an object, but this page needs to present him as a character. Put object info at bottom.
  • 5.5.0 removed objects: change them to redirects to Research, then try to change links in other pages to link directly to Research.
  • Objects: Needs replaced with... something, being a major main page link
  • Pages for Bio-Chem Lab recipes need totally revised. A lot of tweaking has been done there in updates.

The following is a compiled list of pages that need work, and pages that need added, as discussed on the Frackin Universe Discord:

  • Significant Rehaul/Cleaning Update: Many base materials are being replaced with a catchall resource currency to reduce clutter and increase potential for future updates. Many Many pages will need their recipes tweaked as a result.
  • Elder and Precursor pages! Replace ??? links with proper, new, pages. Do not provide info on how to obtain them. More on discord about this.
  • Liquid Mixer
  • Personal Tricorder needs updated.
  • All the links on the main page
  • and Rad Leaf. Rad Grass Seed is not unlocked by default. Page needs updated with proper info.
  • Bag of Farts. Keep it a mystery but make it up to page standards.
  • Pages involving the precursor generator, as well as Precursor Generator
  • update, streamline, maybe use this for individual pages.
  • Quests: The explanatory text at the beginning has been updated, and an outline of the Personal Tricorder quests added. Everything below needs to be gone through and most likely removed, and other quests need to be added.