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This eden has very little in the way of hostile life and very little darkness. A lovely place to build a home. Healing waters dot the surface.

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Eden planets have flat surfaces with no mountains present, making them easy to traverse. They are covered in grass and trees - similiar to the vanilla forest biome - with occasional lakes of healing water. Very rarely will you find hostile creatures, but bandit camps are a common sight. Terramart, Infinity Express, Treasured Trophies, frogg furnishing and Penguin Bay stores can be found near bigger bandit camps and are collectible.

Where to findEdit

They can appear around binary stars, red stars, and blue stars, but have the highest chance of occuring in binary star systems.

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Groups of bandits are the main danger, so it's best to come with low-mid game gear to deal with them. No other significant threats are present.

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