The Elder Altar is a unique crafting station added by Frackin' Universe which can be found in the Frozen Wastes dungeon and rarely within Elder biomes. Please note that all recipes below can be found in game through the tomes which appear within the Frozen Wastes, and that these are simply here for those who do not care about spoilers.

Recipes: (Note that all recipes will take 15 seconds to complete)

Input Input Input Output
Elder Artifact x1 Rune Wand x1 Elder Core x1 Ripper Gun
Elder Artifact x1 Ancient Glyph x1 Elder Core x1 Disruptor
Elder Artifact x1 Elder Fragment x1 Elder Core x1 Elder Pistol
Elder Tome x1 Rune Wand x1 Blade Shard x3 Elder Spear
Elder Tome x1 Celaeno Fragment x1 Blade Shard x5 Elder Blade
Nocxium Bar x6 Elder Fragment x1 Valtan Casing x1 Elder Helmet
Nocxium Bar x7 Celaeno Fragment x1 Trapezohedron x1 Elder Chestpiece
Nocxium Bar x5 Unknown Technology x1 Ancient Glyph x1 Elder Greaves
Nocxium Bar x5 Elder Tome x1 Trapezohedron x1 Elder Shield
Elder Artifact x1 Unknown Reactor x1 Elder Fragment x1 Elder Hook
Nocxium Bar x5 Valtan Casing x1 Blade Shard x1 Elder Axe
Elder Artifact x1 Elder Tome x1 Trapezohedron x1 Deathbringer
Elder Artifact x1 Elder Tome x1 Rune Wand x1 Shadow Reaper
Elder Artifact x1 Valtan Casing x1 Unknown Reactor x1 Dimensional Repeater
Nocxium Bar x5 Rune Wand x1 Celaeno Fragment x1 Lasher Whip

Total Amount needed to craft one of each:

  • Ancient Glyph x2
  • Blade Shard x9
  • Celaeno Fragment x3
  • Elder Artifact x7
  • Elder Core x3
  • Elder Fragment x3
  • Elder Tome x5
  • Nocxium Bar x33
  • Rune Wand x4
  • Trapezohedron x3
  • Unknown Reactor x2
  • Unknown Technology x1
  • Valtan Casing x3

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