Elder set


This is a tier 7 set of armor, crafted at the Elder Altar using a variety of Elder Artifacts and Relics or, alternatively, at the Armory thanks to random loot obtained from Elder monsters.

All 3 pieces worn together grant the Elder Set Bonus effect, which provides:

  • Radiation and extreme radiation immunity.
  • Heat and extreme heat immunity.
  • Cold and extreme cold immunity.
  • Bio-Ooze immunity.
  • Sulphuric acid immunity
  • Liquid nitrogen damage and freeze immunity.
  • Basic poison immunity
  • Proto-poison immunity
  • Wet immunity
  • Increases air supply (It's not unlimited)

This effect is different from the one granted by any piece of the Shoggoth Armor despite sharing a similar name and icon.

Stats: Edit

Armor Piece Elder Helmet Elder Chestpiece Elder Greaves
Damage 120 185 125
Armor 26 42 18
Health 22 35 15
Energy 30 40 20
Special Effects

HP regeneration on complete darkness


Set Bonus see above

Recipes: Edit

Elder AltarEdit

Elder Helmet x1

Elder Chestpiece x1

Elder Greaves x1

First Slot

1x Elder Fragment

1x Trapezohedron

1x Ancient Glyph
Second Slot 1x Valtan Casing 1x Celaeno Fragment 1x Unknown Technology
Third Slot 6x Nocxium Bar 7x Nocxium Bar 5x Nocxium Bar


Elder Helmet x1

Elder Chestpiece x1

Elder Greaves x1

Corruption Seed




Nocxium Bar 3 4 3
Dense Alloy 4 6 4
Alien Compound 8 10 8


itemName: elderarmorhead elderarmorchest elderarmorpants

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