These quests revolve around the use of the Extraction Lab.

Extraction Lab
text "Before you can really get started on science you are going to need a lot of resources. For that, you need an Extraction Lab! Build one now."
completion "Toss some stuff in there, press extract, and see what you get. Ground tiles, plants and organics are shoe-ins for resources."
Nutrient Paste
text "Nutrient Paste is something you'll need a lot of. Fortunately, it's abundant. Dig 50 dirt, extract from it and voila! Do so now."
completion "There are several other key resources, which we will get to next. Also, you might want to talk with my Apex colleague now about Bio-Chemistry."
Tissue Culture
text "Now we need Tissue Cultures. Your best bet for these is saplings. Get some and extract their resources."
completion "Now you move on to a more dense material."
Raw Minerals
text "Most often, cobblestone is your best and simplest bet for Raw Minerals. Go get 50 and extract it."
completion "Excellent. Just a couple more basic resources to go, now."
Genetic Material
text "Genetic Material is easy enough to find, if you look at the right sources. Seeds are often the best source. Meat works well, too."
completion "Excellent. Now onto the next resource."
text "Trees have many uses. Methanol is one of them, and we need it. Go get some wood and extract from it!"
completion "Now for something in a somewhat colder environment."
text "Silicon can be found most easily in sand, or in the pure crystal stone of Crystal Moons. Go gather some material and make some silicon."
completion "Silicon will be especially useful in technology requiring a processor and other techy bits. Extract anything you can...because you never know what you'll get!"
Apex of Chemistry
text "I'll ask you to come back to our Outpost. I want you to to meet our chemist, Blumpy. Not much of a name, true. But smart as a whip, that one."
completion "So, are you ready to work on the REAL stuff? I'm talking of complex chemistry. You'll need a BioChem Lab. Make one. Come back to me when you have completed most of the tasks from my colleagues."

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