This mod also expands the farming aspect of Starbound, adding up to 100 new farmables. Check it out by clicking the

links below.

List of Crops


Consumables (Soon) (Probably)

from 5.5.9 update Edit

  • Farmable creatures now have a chance to lay eggs. If they are Happy (fed) and their mate time reaches 0 (60 minutes is the base) there is then a 10% chance for them to lay an egg. We'll expand on this later.
  • Farmable creatures occasionally urinate, watering tilled soil
  • added Growing/Hydro tray support for Ore Plants (voj-tek)
  • Pangolin eggs can now be purchased at Terramart (was not available when tested)
  • Fluffalo no longer give all their possible loot every harvest
  • Animals emote their food preference when eating. This will help players to identify what foods they prefer.
  • Animals poop less frequently

5.5.7 update Edit

  • added Iron Trough
  • Chicken Feeder can now feed farm animals
  • default Fluffalos drop both plant fibres and cotton wool

5.5.6 update Edit

Growing Trays got a bit of a revamp:

  • Fertilizers have been rescoped a bit. There are now more varieties of fertilizer and each has different results on plant growth within a Growing or Hydro tray. Rather than 3 strengths there are now 7!
  • Liquid required...

5.5.5 update Edit

  • added new farmable pet: Poptops! These are non-aggressive carnivores for your farm different from wild ones, and produce Sharpened Claws. You get your first eggs from Mama Poptop.
  • all farmable pets now have a chance to drop Research when harvested
  • farmable pets now poop, which can be used in a Growing Tray or Hydroponics Tray as decent fertilizer

5.5.4 update Edit

  • new farm animal feeding system. Place animal feed in a trough (crafted at the Foraging station) rather than chucking it on the ground. Animals will seek out their food.
  • the above change alters pet bahavior files for farm animals.
  • animals cannot produce their resources unless they are fed and happy.
  • Higher animal happiness = higher resource production. Starving animals lose happiness and thus production rates.
  • 50% Happiness = 100% production, 100% Happiness = 200% production
  • animals have preferred food types. Carnivores will not eat vegetation, while herbivores wont touch meat.
  • foods eaten by cattle increase hunger by the food value of the item
  • Cattle Feed will only feed herbivores and omnivores
  • Cattle Feed is now a Food item

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