These quests revolve around the use of the Fission Furnace.

Hardcore Smelting
text "Building a fission furnace was a good move. With it, you can create the most advanced metals we know of. Start with some Protocite Ore to make a Protocite Bar."
completion "Great! Now go out and find other prime materials. Penumbrite is a logical next step."
text "Penumbrite interesting mineral is found in very few places. The best place to look would be a Penumbra world, deep underground. Smelt it in the fission furnace."
completion "Penumbrite forms strong metallic shards that can be fused into plating for armor, or used as-is with some brute force on-site extreme heat exposure."
text "Without mercury you'll have issues getting by later on. So, having a second way to get some can't hurt. Make some now, with cinnabar ore."
completion "Now let us play a bit with some pretty crystals."
Frozen Fortunes
text "You can fuse some crystal together and create a more valuable Ice Crystal."
completion "It doesn't seem that useful. But it is. Try extracting from some right now. You'll see.."
text "You should seek out an Irradiated world now, and while you're there dig deep and find some irradium ore. Then, smelt some in your fission furnace."
completion "Great! Densinium is a logical next step, but it won't be easy to find. It's among the strongest...and rarest...of all known metals."
text "There's a mineral out there that surpasses all others. Densinium. Get some, and create some useable metal out of it."
completion "I think you understand, by now, how to use this station. Now see what else you've missed in the great beyond!"

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