Fuel is a currency which is consumed in order to generate power or operate a machine. Fuel is gained by sacrificing specific types of items, called fuel items.

Two major categories of fuel items exist: spaceship fuel items, which are used to refill the player ship's FTL fuel supply, and generator fuel items, which are used in generators to create the electricity required to operate many objects crafted at a Power Station.

Spaceship Fuel ItemsEdit

Spaceship fuel items are loaded into the player ship's Fuel Hatch. If the FTL fuel supply is not already at maximum capacity, the Fuel button can be pressed to convert some fuel items in the Fuel Hatch into FTL fuel.

Name Fuel per unit
Liquid Erchius Fuel 1
Precursor Quantum Fluid 1000
Ultronium Rod 600
Uranium Ore 50
Uranium Rod 100
Plutonium Ore 75
Plutonium Rod 200
Thorium (Th) 40
Thorium Rod 65
Neptunium (Np) 30
Neptunium Rod (Np) 45
Radioactive Honeycomb 1
Mutagenic Honey Jar 6
Plutonium Honeycomb 2
Healing Honey Jar 12
Solarium Honeycomb 4
Quasar Honey Jar 20
Solar Honeycomb 10
Erithian Algae 3
Erithian Biofuel Canister 40
Deuterium (2H) 15
Tritium (3H) 8
Enriched Uranium (U) 125
Enriched Plutonium (Pu) 400
Biofuel Canister 25
Protocite Fuel Canister 120
Glowing Sand 1
Energy Wood 1
Hydrogen (H) 3
Metallic Hydrogen 50
Liquid Metallic Hydrogen 70
Energiflower 4
Bag of Farts 300

Generator Fuel Items Edit

Several electricity generators require fuel items to function: the Alternator Generator, the Combustion Generator, the Fission Reactor, and the Quantum Reactor. The extremely rare Precursor Generator is superior to all of these. Each has its own list of valid fuel items and their benefits.

Alternator Generator Edit

The Alternator Generator's electricity generation per time is independent of the type of fuel item used. Fuel item type only determines the rate of consumption of fuel items.

Combustion Generator Edit

The Combustion Generator's electricity generation per time is independent of the type of fuel item used. Fuel item type only determines the rate of consumption of fuel items.

Fission Reactor Edit

The Fission Reactor's electricity (and radiation) generation per time is the sum of the power values of the fuel item types placed in all four fuel slots. Fuel item consumption is based on the decay rate of that item - the chance of consumption of a single fuel item each second is 1 in 60 (high), 1 in 80 (medium), or 1 in 100 (low).

Quantum Reactor Edit

The Quantum Reactor's electricity generation per time and fuel item consumption rate depend on the fuel item type. Maximum electricity output is achieved while the Quantum Reactor has been running for at least 15 seconds.

Fuel Item Time Per Item (seconds) Maximum Output (W)
Biofuel Canister 10-29 50
Erithian Biofuel Canister 14-33 60
Uranium Rod 15-34 65
Energiflower 17-36 70
Plutonium Rod 17-36 70
Tritium (3H) 19-38 75
Liquid Protocite 20-39 80
Neptunium Rod (Np) 20-39 80
Enriched Uranium (U) 22-41 85
Thorium Rod 24-43 90
Metallic Hydrogen 25-44 95
Protocite Fuel Canister 25-44 95
Enriched Plutonium (Pu) 25-44 95
Solarium Star 27-46 100
Deuterium (2H) 29-48 105
Ultronium (Ux3) 30-49 110
Liquid Metallic Hydrogen 32-51 115
Liquid Deuterium 34-53 120
Elder Fluid 36-55 128

Precursor Generator Edit

This mysterious and ancient generator runs magnificently with only the highest end fuels.

Fuel Item Time per Item (seconds) Maximum Output (W)
Crunchy Chick
Elder Fluid
Ultronium (Ux3)
Precursor Quantum Fluid
Precursor Fuel Cell

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