Gas Ball
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Codex Description Edit

A gas ball with enough mass to allow exploration. Take extreme caution wandering here. Recommended: Extreme Pressure Protection.

Summary Edit

Gas ball planets are seas of liquid gases, containing several floating islands made of cloud blocks, which are extremely rich in ores. Air is only present in the upper layer of the planet. Just below  rests a sea of random liquid gas. The core of a gas ball is an extremely hard and undroppable block, acting like a super dense liquid.

It is FU equivalent of vanilla asteroids, a high-risk, high reward planet with useful resources.

Do not attempt to explore until properly equipped!



Although it hosts no dangerous creatures (as of 4.19.6), a gas ball is quite dangerous to navigate on:

  • Firstly, it applies the Extreme Pressure Debuff, which require some mid to late-game armor to resist (such as the X10 Power Suit or the Phase Chestpiece).
  • Then, as its only solid ground are medium sized floating islands, similarly to vanilla asteroids you should bring a way to fly around safely to avoid falling to the extremely hard core of the gas planet. Such as one of FU vehicles, a Spear with the Rocket Spear ability (such as the Irradium Spear), or a Staff with the Repulsion Zone ability. Grappling Hook and Double Jumps aren't going to cut it! The Gravity Wand will work wonders here.
  • Finally, you should be able to resist all harmful gases, as it is likely that not all randomly generated gases are going to be harmless.

If you are ready though, it is a true treasure hoard!



These planets are extremely good sources of rare minerals, among which:


Gases are also found in plentiful amounts, as there are usually 3 to 4 layers of different randomly generated layers of gases, such as:

  • feel free to add more gases when you found them!


  • Cloud blocks

Possible Weather Edit

Impossibly Dense/Super Dense/Dense Gas.

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