These quests center around the use of the Gene Design Lab.

Gene Design Lab
text "To ssstart, you need a Gene Design Lab. This is where your ssstrange plantsss are ssspliced! Build one now."
completion "Good. Now you huntssss."
Hunt for ssstuff
text "Now the bessst part. You hunt for ssstuff. Ssstab things on planets and gather 9 cell materials, 9 bio sssamples and 9 bio ssspores. Take nine of each. You'll need them."
completion "Good. You need that ssstuff to create genessss."
Bracken tree
text "Bracken trees makes sssilk and resin. It'sss an easy one. Insert an organic synthesis gene and sssome nutrient paste into the Design Lab and let it grow."
completion "Plant these ssseeds, watch them grow and ssstab them every day."
Miracle grasss
text "Now you makesss the miracle grasss. Craft sssome genes: Regeneration I and Chloroplast I then insert them into sssome plant fibre in the Design Lab."
completion "Thisss plant heals your body, so ssstab it too."
text "Oonforta isss beautiful. Glowsss in the dark. Insert luminescent cells and chloroplast I genes into some nutrient paste."
completion "That iss good! Now we movess to lesss ssilly and more ssstabby plantss! I like sstabby things!"
text "Now let's make a Thornitox. Thisss plant iss ugly to fleshies, but useful. You can craft weaponsss with it and ssstab or ssshoot things. Insert toxic and cell hardening I genes into some tisssue culture."
completion "Nice. You really should craft a Thornitox blade."
Blissster pod
text "The lassst one will be a Blissster pod. Very important plant. Insssert some nerve bundle II and luminescent paste into 3 bio samples."
completion "There are a lot more plantsss to hunt. Gotta ssstab'em all!"

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