Durable, flexible and conductive. A near-magical material.

Recipe Edit

Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Bee Refuge Mythical Queen




Crafted at Chemistry Lab Carbon Plate




Iodine (I)




Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Silicon (Si) Nano-Tether Teleporter Core
X10 Shield Great Scion
Impact Hammer Scion Clawblade
Quietus Axe Graphene Jacket
Uranium Axe Graphene Helm
Great Scion Graphene Leggings
Uranium Blade Morphite
Uranium Knife Gauss Machinegun
Uranium Hammer Gauss Pistol
Scion Clawblade Gauss Rifle
Uranium War-Knife Gauss Turret
Uranium Spear Reinforced Glass
Gauss Machinegun Nano-Tether
Gauss Pistol
Gauss Rifle
Tritanium Staff
Tritanium Wand
Cellular Breastplate
Cellular Helm
Cellular Leggings
Guardian Carapace
Guardian Visor
Guardian Greaves
Ghost-Weave Chestpiece
Ghost-Weave Mask
Ghost-Weave Pants
Graphene Jacket
Graphene Helm
Graphene Leggings
X10 Power Armor
X10 Power Helm
X10 Power Legs
Amber Plate Armor
Amber Knight's Helm
Amber Leg Plates
Sentry Plate
Sentry Helmet
Sentry Pants
Mobility III
Advanced Circuit
Graphene Nano-Silk
Jump Block
Speed Block
Propulsion Strip L
Propulsion Strip R
TC-1 Survival Tent
Solar Tower
Quantum Extractor
Power Jump I
Power Jump II
Reinforced Glass
Teleporter Core

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