Summary Edit


Bees. Why'd it have to be bees?

Hell Hives can most commonly be found on Forest and Atropus worlds, although you may need to do some digging to find one. They're rich in both food sources (raw steak and tentacles, anyone?) and mineable ores, but at the cost of red bees all over the place ready to sting you in your who-knows-what. It is​ called a Hell Hive for a reason, after all.

Appearance Edit

Hell Hives are overall quite easy to traverse - unless you count the bees, the cobwebs, and the admittedly unappealing scenery. First off, they consist mostly of Honey Material, Red Honeycombs... and Spider Silk, which will induce a debuff that decreases your movement rapidly but leaves shortly after stepping off of a Spider Silk block. On top of this lie 'disgusting blobs of seeping flesh', Heck Lights (both of which procure Raw Steak, Raw Tentacles, and Flesh Strands), Heck Pillars, Heck Altars, and many, many more weird and disgusting stuff.

On the bright side, Hell Hives are also good resources of Gold, Solarium, Cinnabar, and possibly a couple other resources, so you might want to plan a trip to a planet that has one. Or don't. I mean, do you really​ want to traverse a biome swarming with bees and gross stuff? Do you?