The Hydroponics Tray is a Powered Station, it allows you to automatically produce farmables. To use, simply put seeds, water, and (optionally) Fertilizer in the top slots, and it'll automatically water and harvest them.

The stage of growth for the seed within shows on the device in the form of green vines.

This Powered Station requires 2u of power to work.

Recipe: Edit

Power Station (Hydroponics Tray x1) Edit

Notes: Edit

  • The Hydroponics Tray is not a direct upgrade to manual farming as it does not produce any secondary drops a plant may have such as resin or plant fiber.
  • There is also an early-game version called the Growing Tray. It doesn't require power and is much cheaper(3 Timber, 3 Dirt at a basic Foraging Table), which can be paired with the Well to let you begin autofarming almost immediately after completing the tutorial. Oddly, despite obviously being intended to be inferior, the Growing Tray currently seems to be better than the Hydroponics Tray, consuming water far more slowly.
  • Although water is by far the easiest compatible liquid to obtain, the Hydroponics Tray does work with some other liquids, which drain at different rates and may affect crop yield over time(requires further testing).

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