Summary Edit


Redder, magma-y-er , and burnier. Infernus worlds are hot and deadly. The atmosphere itself tries to kill you, it rains lava and fire AND there are strange creatures wandering around just waiting to murder you. Without good protection, and some sort of hazard suit or immunizing plant you won't last long. They are an excellent source of many minerals, Cinnabar being chief among them.

Navigation Console Edit

  • Volatile lava and extreme deadly heat await on infernus worlds. Protection recommended. Pyreite Ore detected. Recommend: Deadly Heat protection
  • A hellish infernus planet covered in lava and lethal temperatures. Bring extreme heat protection. Recommend: Deadly Heat protection
  • Infernus worlds are exceptionally deadly and not to be undertaken without protection. Pyreite Ore detected. Recommend: Deadly Heat protection

Codex description Edit

I'd not suggest going here without a lot of protection. Their surfaces are far from hospitable, though at least they have the courtesy of providing a breathable atmosphere most of the time. And resources like cinnabar and magma stone.

Notable OresEdit

Precious Ores:


Possible Weather Edit

Fire Storms, Magma Storms, Severe Magma Storms, Cinder Showers, Lightning Storms, Tar Rain, Small Meteorites.

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