The first quests that get you started towards your path as a mad scientist.

Going Ape for Science
text "I know of a place for budding scientific minds to explore their theories in peace. If you bring me some Glass; I may just tell you where it is."
completion "Thanks so much. Talk to me when you wish to learn more about our haven."
Moving to the Science outpost
text "If you'd like to broaden your scientific knowledge, I work at a high-tech facility hidden away in the stars. Interested?"
completion "Please meet my friend at these coordinates. He lives at the Corvex Research Facility in Beta Reticuli IV. Use your ships AI to get there from the Missions tab. We could use your help."
Leading to Science
text "Timmy spoke highly of you. Nice to make your aquaintance. Before we begin, could you get me a piece of lead? I need it urgently and can't get away from the office. And perhaps familiarize yourself with what we do here by reading the books on the bookshelf."
completion "Thank you so very much. Now let's get into serious business. Are you ready to learn? It's time to expand your mind with new ideas about science!"
What Matters?
text "Before I send you to our engineer, you must have your own Matter Assembler. To craft it, you'll need 8 steel bars, 6 copper bars and 4 units of glass. Bring them to me and we can continue."
completion "Well done. This weapon will help keep you safe in your travels. The sand will prove useful soon. See me when you wish to continue your education."
text "Now craft the Matter Assembler. It is an important component of your lab. Use a metalwork station to create it. You'll be able to build other laboratories with your own assembler once you have one. Bring it here once you've built it."
completion "I knew you could handle it. Now you'll start to make real science! Go place it into your own base, and come back to talk to our penguin engineer."

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