Liquid Collector FU

The Liquid Collector is a powered station that condenses liquid from biomes' atmosphere. It dispenses the liquid out of the side, rather than having an inventory slot to collect it. It requires 2u of power to operate.

Recipe: Edit

Power Station (Liquid Collector x1): Edit

Unlocked by: Edit

2500u 5v Battery Unit

Use: Edit

Liquid Collector in action

Condenses liquid from the planet's atmosphere. Edit

Rate of liquid production depends on the world type. For most worlds, half a tile's worth of liquid is produced every 2 seconds while the Liquid Collector is powered (exceptions are given in the table below).

This can be see in the .gif to the right. For best results, make sure that your reservoir has a solid background to prevent the liquid from leaking out the back before it can be collected.

Liquid by World Type Edit

World Type Liquid
Aether Sea Aether
Moons (all types) Helium-3
(Dark) Atropus Pus
Gas Giant Hydrogen Gas (item form: Hydrogen (H))
Bog Swamp Water
Chromatic Sludge (item form: Contaminated Water)
Crystalline Organic Soup
Nitrogen Sea Liquid Nitrogen
(Dark) Infernus Lava
Gelatinous Slime
Strange Sea Bio-Ooze
Sulphuric, Dark Sulphur, Sulphur Sea Sulphuric Acid
Tar Ball Black Tar
Toxic Poison
Cyber Sphere Liquid Iron (3 seconds per half-tile)
Lightless Aether (3 seconds per half-tile)
Penumbra, Tidewater Dark Water (4 seconds per half-tile)
(Shadow) Proto World Liquid Protocite (5 seconds per half-tile)
Irradiated Liquid Irradium
All other world types Water

Source Edit

Note: The filled-in world.spawnLiquid function specifies the liquid type using the liquid's liquidId as the second input. Liquid IDs for liquids added by Frackin' Universe can be found within the .liquid files at

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