Let's start of with the list that is published in the mod's description page.

This list reads as follows:

Output - Input, Input, Input If there are no numbers in the recipe it is untested and thus the numbers are not known. If there are numbers, those are subject to immediate and radical change by the active balancing process of the mod itself.

Note that you can put multiple instances of the input materials into your array, it will work as long as it can until its supply is exhausted. Leftover input materials can be retrieved.

Source Product
1 x Elder Stone1 x Mineral Sample

1 x Prisilite Star

1 x Alien Compound
1 x Biochip Base1 x DNA Sample

1 x Mineral Sample

1 x Biochip
1 x Moonstone Bar1 x DNA Sample

1 x Blister Sack

2 x Blister Extract
1 x Genetic Material1 x Glass

1 x Tissue Culture

1 x DNA Sample
1 x Coal

1 x Silicon

1 x Water

1 x Graphene
1 x DNA Sample

1 x Glass

1 x Protocyte Bar

2 x Liquid Protocite
1 x Glass

2 x Nutrient Paste

2 x Raw Material

1 x Mineral Sample
1 x DNA Sample

1 x Mineral Sample

1 x Mutaviask Silk

1 x Mutavisk Thread
1 x Crystal1 x Oil

1 x Raw Mineral

1 x Silicon

"I am looking forward to the findings of my fellow scientists in this new and exciting branch of xenochemobiophysics." - Science Outpost Scientist