Unknown technology
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Melee Weapons: Edit

Unique Melee Weapons Edit

Generated Melee Weapons Edit

Ranged Weapons Edit

Unique Ranged Weapons Edit


Generated Ranged Weapons Edit

Unique WeaponsEdit

Unique Weapons

Consumable ThrowablesEdit

Adv. Ignus Chili Pepper

Arkaen Dart

Bella Morte Bomb

Blade Tree Dart

Crystallite Shard

Deathblossom Mushroom

Ignus Chili Pepper

Magma Nodule

Nail Bomb

Particle Grenade

Pekkit Bomb

Shock Shroom

Stick of Blasting Dynamite

Tinselbush Dart

Mining ToolsEdit

Click here for more info on Mining tools / Mining laser

Mining Lasers Edit

Name Tier
Mining Laser 1
P-7 Miner 2
A-7C Miner 3
B-97 Miner 4
C-7 Miner 5
D4-B Miner 6
KX-1 Mining Beam 7
CT-4 Mining Cannon 8

Pickaxes Edit

Matter Manipulator Replacements Edit


  • X10 Shield
    • Shield Health: 112
    • Cooldown Time: 0.415s

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