Frackin' Universe adds a big ol' load of materials to the game, so here goes:

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Natural Materials Edit

Ores Edit

These can be found directly in wild and mined using tools.

Image Name Description Location
Aegisalt Aegisalt ore. Can be used for smelting.
Berliniteore Berlinite An ore that can be used to produce phosphorus via extraction. Most planets
Calichewall Caliche A rich source of saltpeter. Desert planets
Cinnabarore Cinnabar A stone that can be used to produce mercury via extraction.
Coal Most Planets
Copper Asteroids
Corruptionore Corruption Some strange, corrupted mineral.
Densiniumore Densinium A multi-phasic super-dense metal.
Gold Asteroids
Iron Asteroids
Irradiumore Irradium Rare and valuable radioactive metal. Irradiated planets
Isogen An unusual metal that cools its enviroment. Ice Waste
Lazuliteore Lazulite Can produce magnesium and phosphorus. Most planets
Lead A block of lead. Most planets
Magnesiumore Magnesite Great for creating magnesium powder. Most planets
Mascagniteore Mascagnite A source of ammonium sulfate. Most planets
Moonstone An unusually malleable, yet resilient metal. Moons
Neptunium A great source of fuel. Moons
Penumbriteore Penumbrite Super-hard penumbrite. Penumbra Planets
Plutonium It's pretty, but extremely radioactive. Moons
Protociteore Protocite A unique element found only on protoworlds. Proto planets
Pyreite A naturally hot metal with high durability. Infernus/Sulphuric
Quietusore Quietus A strange ore that is both mineral and biological.
Sulphurore Sulphur A surprisingly useful compound. Sulphuric planets
Thorium A reliable source of fuel. Irradiated planet
Trianglium Irradiated planet
Tungsten Asteroids
Uranium A good source of fuel.
Xithricite Aether Sea planets
Zerchesiumore Zerchesium Can be refined into a nearly unmeltable alloy.

Other Materials Edit

Man-made Materials Edit


Image Name


Crafted in
Ammonium Sulphate Fission Furnace
Calcium Nitrate Bio-Chem Lab
Dark Gas Canister Bio-Chem Lab
Dense Alloy Fission Furnace
Densinium Bar Fission Furnace
Pyreite Bar Fission Furnace
Morphite Crafted only in the lab, this man-made ore has several interesting uses.
Graphene Bio-Chem Lab
Helium 3 Canister Extract, ___
Irradium Bar Fission Furnace
Lunari Crystal Fission Furnace
Magnesium Powder Fission Furnace
Magnesium Sulphate Fission Furnace
Methanol Extracted from logs
Methyl Iodine Bio-Chem Lab
Mercury Bio-Chem Lab
Moonstone Bar Fission Furnace
Prisilite Star Fission Furnace
Protocite Bar Fission Furnace
Quietus Bar Fission Furnace
Saltpeter Fission Furnace
Trianglium Pyramid Fission Furnace

Mechanical Edit

Many ground tiles, plants etc, can be refined in the Extraction Lab. You can find a list of recipes on this Wiki.

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