These quests all focus around the use of the Matter Assembler

Connected to Science
text "Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm Kyle, the engineer of the outpost. I personally built most of this outpost!. I will teach you to use your Matter Assembler, but first, use this communicator and go talk to Kevin. He's the Hylotl upstairs."
completion "Nice to meet you! Please take this. We'll all use your communicator to follow your progress from here on out."
A new scientist in town
text "To create flora, you need to combine a lot of chemical components. You'll need raw elements as well as complex ones you'll make in various labs. All of them can be crafted with your Matter Assembler. You should meet my Novakid colleague, Plyxus, next."
completion "So, you're the new guy, eh? We'll see what you are made of. Take this, and resume your studies."
Up and down
text "While I specialize in fine extraction of chemical elements, sometimes you have to use brute force and high heat. This is the domain of our avian scientist. Climb to the top of the tower and speak to him next."
completion "Welcome! So I have to teach you the finer points of smelting and breaking down elements? Sounds like a good time! Let's get started."
text "Thanks to the communicator I gave you, I'll be able to check what you do in your lab. Now, let's start. If you're going to build the more complicated gear the Matter Assembler can handle, you'll need Wire. Make some."
completion "Without wire, you'll have serious issues creating circuits and technology. They are essential for a working laboratory."
text "For controlling advanced functions, circuitry is a must. The advanced labs will need it! Build a circuit board. You can extract silicon by extracting it from sand or the crystalline ground of a Crystal Moon. You have an extractor, right?"
completion "You'll need that circuitboard for your Xeno Lab."
Power Press
text "A Power Press creates metal plates, alloys and presses other materials into useful goods.You're going to need one, pronto. Go ahead and make one now."
completion "Without the power press, you'd have problems."
Power Press II
text "In your Power Press create a Steel Plate or two. You'll need some plates very soon."
completion "Off to a great start. I think the power press is self-explanatory. Now on to other matters!"
text "You will need to investigate things up very, very close. What's better for that than a microscope? Build one now at the Matter Assembler."
completion "That's...actually really quite an amazing quality piece right there. Keep that microscope for your Xeno Lab. Let's move on to plastic."
The miracle of Plastic
text "Normal plastic is too flimsy. Let's beef it up and create some advanced plastic. You'll need Bracken Trees to get the silk required, though. You'll need to craft some in the Design Lab. Or get lucky and find some. You'll need a Biochem Lab in order to create the plastic itself."
completion "This durable super-plastic will prove quite useful in a lot of recipes."
Bio-Chips: Power at your fingertips
text "Biochips lets you connect living matter to a circuit. But in order to create them, you need a biochip base. Build some at the Matter Assembler."
completion "These are absolutely essential to higher-end biomechanical devices and plants."
Armor: Mutavisk
text "Now it's time for you to do more work. Build a Mutavisk Helm in the assembler. You'll need to collect the resources to create it, though!"
completion "These are handy for survival in dangerous irradiated environments."
Weapon: Blister Pistol
text "Let's see about something more complicated: A blister pistol packs a punch, but also lights up the darkness! Build one now."
completion "Now you're ready to build on your own. I suggest continuing with the rest of a Blister Suit, though. You'll want one soon."

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