Matter ManipulatorsEdit

In addition to the starting manipulator which can be upgraded using the interface and Manipulator Modules, there are faster manipulators that can be constructed in the upgradable Tinkering Table line. Once built, they will replace the current Matter Manipulator, greatly increasing the efficiency of the matter manipulator, and "Resetting" upgrades in the "M.M Upgrade" tab. The currently build-able Manipulators are: the Morphite Manipulator, Quantum Manipulator, Precursor manipulator, and Master Manipulator.

  • Note: Not a full manipulator upgrade reset, If you switch to a previously used manipulator, upgrades will still be kept.
  1. Stock Manipulator
# of Upgrades Power Generator(Speed) Matter Proc Unit(Area) Optics(Range)
Stock 100% 2x2
1 200% 3x3 +2
2 300% 4x4 +4
3 400% 5x5 +6
  1. Build-able Manipulators
  • Morphite Manipulator --5x5(Base) --Fast
  • Quantum Manipulator --6x6(Base) --Faster
  • Master Manipulator --10x10(Base)--Fastest (needs confirmation)

Note: To equip new manipulators, you must hold shift and click L/R mouse button while holding a Personal Tricorder, Then just grab the manipulator with your mouse and place it in one of the manipulator squares. It is also possible to place most items in the manipulator slots.

Mining LasersEdit

The first of the tools, the Mining Laser, is built in the Matter Assembler then the following tools are upgrades in the Nano Fabricator. Note: They cannot directly mine the background and drain energy while active. Further, they only fire a mining beam via line of sight. The first few are very weak, but the later ones are quite strong.


The KX-1 Beam slices through desert.

Name Tier Speed Area

Mining Laser

1 1 4

P-7 Miner

2 2 4

A-7C Miner 

3 3 6

B-97 Miner 

4 4 6

C-7 Miner

5 8 6

D4-B Miner

6 10 6

KX-1 Mining Beam

7 15 8

CT-4 Mining Cannon


21 8


These exist. Some may even be pretty fast.

Ore DetectorsEdit

Ore detectors are an item that when used send out a pulse and highlight nearby ores. Higher tier detectors have a greater detection area. Note: The MKI is built at the Tinkering Table and the subsequent versions are upgrades in the Tool Upgrade Station. Each Tier Requires 6 more Manipulator Modules than the last.

Note: You can still make the vanilla starbound Ore Detector in the Agricultural Station