A line of quests which don't have a particular relation to a specific work station.

Seeds of Discontent I
text "I love spicy foods, but nothing is hot enough. Can you perhaps toss me a seed or two for Ignus Chili? I'd be rather grateful."
completion "I guess we'll see if this is hot enough."
Seeds of Discontent II
text "As I suspected: Ignus chili is for sissies. That wasn't nearly spicy enough. Perhaps you could produce a higher quality variant of that plant?"
completion "Maybe this will do the trick...but I doubt it."
Seeds of Discontent III
text "Allright...sorry to do this to you...but that wasn't hot enough either. Kick it up a notch with some Hellfire Seeds if you don't mind?"
completion "Yes! Now THIS looks like something I can sink my teeth into! Guess I owe you this bad-ass helmet, then. Thanks for your aid!"
text "I'm sort of a crappy explorer. I've been stuck here for years. You seem industrious and driven! Could you possibly craft me a gas mask? I'll need it when I finally get off-world."
completion "You are a godsend! Thanks so much. Say...could we maybe talk some more?"
Rooted II
text "If I am to get off this world, I need some armor. Could you craft me some pioneer armor?"
completion "Excellent. Now I can stop panicking and really get to work!"
Rooted III
text "Thanks to you, I'm almost free! There's just one more thing... Could you perhaps part with a single plate of titanium? One of those fancy ones from a power press."
completion "You've truly saved me, friend. I'll remember this kindness forever!"
Assassin's Plight
text "I needss to kill targetss but my weaponsses are lacking. Can you bringing meess a Thornitox bladess?"
completion "Thanking you I isss. Now I try stabss on thingss."
Assassin's Plight II
text "Thorny blade iss great for up close. But now I needss somethings for far away. Perhapss a thorn rifle?"
completion "Thanking you I isss. Maybe I needss more thingiess later."
Assassin's Plight III
text "Now I needss ssome armor. Can you makess me a Graphene Helm?"
completion "Excellentss! Thankss for your help! I promises not to killss you!"

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