The Powder Sifter is a Powered Station that filters through powders like Fine Sand, Rainbow Sand, Gravel and others to generate useful materials.


This Powered Station requires 6u of power to work.

Use: Edit

Place the block to be filtered in the Powder square and collect the loot in the other squares.

Chance Edit

The Powder Sifter first generates a random number between 1 and 100 every time it consumes an input item, if that number 34 or more it outputs nothing but consumes the input either way, but if it's equal to 33 or less then it rolls again, if the second number equals 100 it produces a random item from the rare item list, if the number is between 79-99 it produces a random item from the uncommon item list and a common item if the number is between 1-78.

Valid Inputs Edit

Inputs are consumed at a rate of 250 items per minute. The following Inputs are valid:

Input Item Name
Ash Pile ash
Dry Sand drysand
Loose Silt sand
Sand sand2
Gravel gravelmaterial
Moondust moondust
Proto Gravel biogravelmaterial
Coral coralmaterial
Delicate Coral coral2material
Crystal Sand crystalsandmaterial
Red Sand redsand
Bonemeal bonemealmaterial
Frozen Sand frozensandmaterial
Glass Sand glasssandmaterial
Rainbow Sand rainbowsandmaterial
Steel Sand Block steelsand
Sulphuric Dirt sulphurdirtmaterial

Outputs Edit

Common Uncommon Rare

Copper Ore

Iron Ore


Nutrient Paste

Raw Minerals





Blue Petal




Red Petal

Gold Ore

Silver Ore

Yellow Petal



Ice Crystal

Note: Crystal is produced as both an uncommon and a rare item.

Recipe: Edit

Power Station (Powder Sifter) Edit

Unlock: Edit

Unlocked by crafting Solar Panel

Source Edit

Use the source for updating.

Source Material: Click Here

Source Material 2: Click Here

Data Edit

itemname: isn_powdersifter

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