Setup of a Powered System: Edit

Using the following setup as an example:

Power example 1

Here is how the wiring works:

Power example 2
  • At (1), power is being generated by the Solar Array and Combustion Generator
  • The power from (1) is being sent to the battery at (2) and stored.
  • The power from (1) is also connected to the power sensor at (3) and is showing how much total power is being output (14 total - 4 from the array and 10 from the combustion generator).
  • The battery at (2) is sending 4u of power to the hydroponics tray at (4). The tray only needs 2u to run at full power, so an additional wire could be connected from the battery to another tray.

Trivia: Edit

  • More advanced batteries are capable of outputting more power. In the example above, that battery is capable of outputting a maximum of 4u. Therefore, it can output its power to 2 hydroponics trays (both require 2u of power - 2u+2u=4u). Adding a 3rd hydroponics tray will split 4u between 3 trays (4u/3u=1.3u each), which will cause them all to stop working.
  • The power sensor will only show power levels if the power generator it's connected to is also connected to a device that its power can output to. In other words, simply connecting a wire from the power generator to the power sensor will show the sensor at 0. Once you connect the power generator's output to something else, such as a battery or a hydroponics tray, the sensor will then count the amount of power.
  • All solar power will work inside the player's ship. Also, artificial light (such as from the small ship lights and even light from a worn mining helmet or Xenon Pack) will increase solar power.

Guide made by: Edit

Edward Magno

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