Rare dungeons found rarely on the surface and/or underground of certain planets, with a certain disposition for CyberSphere. Could contain Erchius Converter, chests with various precursor items and weapons, precursor anvils that can be used to upgrade any weapon to tier 8 via Ancient Essence. Almost always contain traps or guards.

They are found either on the surface, or in the intermediary layers between the primary underground layer and the core. They are never found in the core level of any planet.

Precursor Dungeons do not feature any kind of tile protection, so they can be broken down for their parts or items. The sole exception being the Precursor Anvil. Both the tiles below it and the anvil itself are impervious to any attempts to remove it.

Surface dungeons can be found on:

They can be found underground on:

*= Includes Dark variants.

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