Quantum mkII set


The Quantum Armor MKII is an obtainable tier 5 armor.

Unlocked by: Quantum Armor


Quantum Helm MKII Quantum Chestpiece MKII Quantum Greaves MKII
Damage 70 115 50
Armor 24 34 15
Health 12 15 11
Energy 25 25 25
Special Effects ffextremeheatresist sulphuricImmunity ffextremecoldresist
Set Bonus None



Quantum Helm MKII x1

Quantum Chestpiece MKII x1

Quantum Greaves MKII x1

Quantum Armor Piece

1x Quantum Helm

1x Quantum Chestpiece

1x Quantum Greaves

Liquid Deuterium 4 4 4
Liquid Metallic Hydrogen 4 4 4


itemName: fuquantumheadadv fuquantumchestadv fuquantumlegsadv

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