Morphite Manipulator > Quantum Manipulator > Precursor Manipulator

The Quantum Manipulator is a Matter Manipulator upgrade.

Quantum Manipulator-0

The Morphite Manipulator, which is part of the recipe for this item, and the Quantum Manipulator now replace the vanilla Matter Manipulator '(R)', which in effect means it does not take up a slot on your toolbar.

Upgrades: Edit

  • increased mining radius (6x6). This increase is affected by vanilla Matter Manipulator enhancements, although you need to reallocate those uprades.
  • Increased distance and mining speed, affected by vanilla Matter Manipulator enhancements.

Recipe Edit

Crafted at the Nanofabricator

Unlocks Edit

Unlocked by Morphite Manipulator.

Unlocks the Precursor Manipulator.

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