Unmatched clean energy at 40 to 120u. Fuel type will decide output.

Quantum Reactor

The Quantum Reactor is the most efficient Power generator crafted at the Power Station, and can output 128u at its highest capacity. It can use bio-fuels and high end fuels such as Solarium Stars and Plutonium as Fuel.

Unlocked by: Fission Reactor

Recipe Edit

Craft at the Power Station

Mechanics Edit

The Quantum Reactor's electricity generation per time and fuel item consumption rate depend on the fuel item type. For the reactor to achieve maximum electricity generation, it must heat up to certain thresholds. Each threshold will add additional power to the fuel item power output. The table is as follow,

Heat Threshold (%) Power Output (W)
0 0
5 5
20 9
30 12
50 16
70 20

Thus, the total power output is

Quantum Power Output = Heat Power Output + Fuel Item Power Output

The following table will list the fuel items that the Quantum Reactor will accept. The power output from the fuel item will also determine how long it will last in the reactor. Thus, the Biofuel Canister that provides a base power output of 30 W will last 30 seconds.

Fuel Source Fuel Power Output (W) /

Fuel Usage Time (Sec)

Maximum Reactor

Power Output (W)

Biofuel Canister 30 50
Erithian Biofuel Canister 40 60
Uranium Rod 45 65
Energiflower 50 70
Plutonium Rod 50 70
Liquid Protocite 60 80
Neptunium Rod (Np) 60 80
Enriched Uranium (U) 65 85
Thorium Rod 70 90
Metallic Hydrogen 75 95
Protocite Fuel Canister 75 95
Enriched Plutonium (Pu) 75 95
Elder Fluid 80 100
Solarium Star 80 100
Deuterium (2H) 85 105
Ultronium (Ux3) 90 110
Tritium (3H) 95 115
Liquid Metallic Hydrogen 95 115
Liquid Deuterium 108 128

Spawn Item ID Edit

/spawnitem fu_quantumgenerator

Source Edit