The Science Outpost is the main quest hub in Frackin' Universe, and can be accessed at any time from your Ship Computer after reading the "Come Visit Us!" pamphlet found in your inventory at the start of the game. Most--if not all--of the Frackin' Universe lab equipment can be found at the Science Outpost; this makes it ideal for beginning FU players who may not have a home base or personal laboratory of their own.

Areas Edit

The Science Outpost has several areas, each containing lab equipment related to the "theme" of the area:

  • General Assembly (first and second floors immediately upon entering the building; you can find an Extraction Lab, Matter Assembler, Fission Furnace, Nano-Fabricator, Armory, and other equipment related to ore smelting and material creation here)
  • Chemicals, Genes, Seeds: Bioengineering (third floor and "attic"; you can find a BioChem Lab, Xeno Research Lab, Gene Design Lab, and other equipment related to gene creation, plants, and biochemicals here)
  • Apiary (immediately to the right of the main building; you can find all the necessary equipment for Bee-Keeping here)
  • Brewery (all the way to the right, past the Apiary; you can find all the necessary equipment for brewing, distilling, and booze here)

Warning! Edit

Items that you place in storage in the Science Outpost may not be preserved. Always try to use storage on your ship or at your home laboratory when caching items and crafting components.