The Shard Field is a unique two-handed weapon, created in the Armory with 4 Lunari Crystals, 5 Titanium Bars, and 1 Irradium Bar.

When held, it resembles a glove in which 3 "shards" rotate around it. It is these three shards that form the basis of both the Shard Field's attack and defense capabilities.

Primary fire flings one of these shards in the direction of your mouse. In this attack, it acts like a boomerang: flying straight at the target area then coming back, and are able to do damage on both the first and return trips. Compared to a vanilla Boomerang, these shards travel much faster and have much longer range. In addition You can fling all three shards out like this in rapid succession for triple the damage.

The secondary attack causes the shards to reshape themselves and lock together into a shield, giving the player the ability to block attacks. This ability drains energy rapidly however, and can only be done when in possession of all 3 shards.

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